Monday, July 19, 2010

Irony, or my karma is shot.

We aren't potty training Maddy and Libby yet, but I did pick up two potties and decided to keep them out in the bathroom. I thought we could ask them before going to bed, before a bath, if they'd like to try to go. Lately, both Maddy and Libby will remove their diapers and bring them to us. Sometimes wet, sometimes dry. I'm not sure if they are doing this because they have new babies whose diapers comes off, or if they just wanted a new one, or just want to drive us crazy.

So on Saturday, it was bath night and we asked them if they wanted to sit on the potty. Maddy sat on it for a few minutes, but nothing happened. We asked Libby and she immediately said "no." As soon as she stepped in the tub, she did go potty. Hubby and I just laughed. We went ahead and gave them a bath ... I figure it was probably mostly water anyway, right?

So, we were nearly through with their bath and all of a sudden, I hear Hubby say "Shit." Literally. Someone had pooped in the tub.

Who needs a potty when you have a big ol' bathtub?


Sarah said...

Ohhh I remember those days! Poop in the tub was always fun. When we were using the "big girl panties" anytime we were at home during potty training, my youngest would go and poop in her sister's walk in closet!

If they weren't already action-packed enough, potty training makes sure your days are eventful, I promise, lol.

Kelly said...

Ha! All I can do is laugh!!

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

mm does it ALL the time. she did it this morning in fact. i get so grossed out!

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