Saturday, July 17, 2010

Clean livin'

We've been trying to eat healthier, more local, and a bit cleaner/less processed here at the D. household. By no means are we perfect ... Goldfish crackers still invade on a weekly basis and I'm not sure who eats more of them. I love supporting the local farmers at our farmers market, plus the produce is so much better than what we can find at our grocery stores. I really don't think I can buy eggs at the grocery store ever again, because the quality of the local/farm-fresh is so much better.

I tried to bring this style of eating into my running fuel. I find myself needing a little boost on longer runs and I've always used Gu products before. Same with post-run, there's nothing like an ice-cold cup of Gatorade to quench your thirst.

I was at my local running store and picked up some Stingers. These are organic, made with honey, energy chews. I liked the taste and the texture, but they just didn't seem to give me the extra "boost" that the Gu Chomps do. I think I was missing the caffeine. I'll definitely try them again and see if maybe I need to eat more of them than I do with the Chomps.

I think my biggest fail was the natural sports drink I heard about from one of my running buddies. It's called Recharge and was available to Earth Fare, our "healthy" grocery store. She had actually found it for a $1/bottle at Big Lots so I stopped by to pick up a few. Yuck. Not good and I'm definitely not giving up my sugar laden Gatorade for this. Has anyone else tried it? Do you have any good sports drinks that you would recommend? I know that Gatorade is supposed to be the Kool-Aid of Sports drinks and while (I think) it tastes good, I don't know if it's doing anything to replenish me after a long run.

So, as I prepare for 10 miles tomorrow, I'm packing my bag with Gu Chomps and sticking a bottle of G2 Gatorade in the fridge.


Miche said...

G2 has been a pregnancy vice of mine even with all the sugar. I get sick of water but I'll down one of those 32 ounces G2 bottles in no time flat.

Have fun on your run!

Also, I don't know where you get your chicken but we have a local poultry farm out here that sells both chicken and eggs. I haven't bought grocery store chicken in a looooong time.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

I drink vitamin water zero before & after a long workout. I don't know how great it is for you but I do love it, and it comes in a new green tea flavor that I'm obsessed with. Also love the lemonade one!

I can't do the Gu chomps, something with the texture I guess but I definitely use the Gu x2, love the vanilla bean, espresso & chocolate.

love and lagniappe said...

I drink Powerade Zero when I run. They have a few flavors, but I liked mixed berry the best. It tastes just like regular Powerade to me, but with none of the sugar and calories and such!

MER said...

A few sips of Gatorade is the only thing that gets me through a long run/workout. Go with it!