Tuesday, July 06, 2010

B - buh - boring!

Sorry for the lack of content in posts, or lack of posts lately. Or did you even notice? Anyone? Anyone? Buhler?

Like everyone else, life is busy ... work, kids, running, etc and I just haven't had a lot to say.

I could write about an unprofessional person that I have to deal with, but I think that is really better saved for private rants with my co-workers.

Or I could write about Libby going to the bathroom two seconds after I took off her diaper last night. On the floor, right before bath time, but honestly ... aren't you a little tired about reading about diaper/potty posts?

I could write about the teeny tiny single serving Edy's ice cream that Hubby brought home last night, but then that just makes you want one of your own and it's not really fair when you are stuck at your office on a Tuesday morning and can't get to the grocery. Oh, wait ... maybe that's just me.

So, dear readers ... any burning questions? Anything on your mind? Anyone else feeling the same way? I don't think I've ever opened it up before, but here goes ... ask away! I can't promise that I will answer everything, but I would love to hear your questions and thoughts. Plus, I need something to get me over this writers block / bout of b-buh-boringness!


Barefoot in the Park said...

what made you start running? were you always a runner or just one day decided to do it?

also: whats your favorite summer supper?

LauraC said...

How is your mom doing?

Favorite summer cocktail?

How do southern ladies where heels and skirts and makeup and all that with the hot weather and not sweat like pigs?

How did you end up in Greensboro?

MER said...

How long have you had your dogs? Is there a special story behind how they became part of the family? How did they adjust to the twins since they were your first babies?

What surprised you most about being a Mom? What's the hardest part and what's the most rewarding?

If you could go anywhere in the world, what place would you choose? What's the most memorable trip you've taken?

Croutons or bacon bits? (Had to throw in something funny!)

Emily said...

What was high school and college like for you?

What do you want most for your girls? And how in the heck do you tell them apart? Really? Is there something about each that makes it clear? (Usually I can tell by the hair-Maddie's is more "wild", right- but I was so disappointed in my lack of knowing which was which on Sunday.)

Emily said...

And now I'm mad that I spelled Maddy incorrectly the first time. *sigh*