Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Answering questions ... running

What fun! I wish people would ask me questions every week because it just feels more exciting to answer them, rather than write about what just pops into my head.

I'm going to try to group a few of them together where there is a common theme.

Barefoot in the Park asked me what made me get into running.

I have been running off and on since college. My Mom also ran when I was young, so I remember going with her to races, or waiting on her to finish her daily 6 mile run. She was ahem, much faster than me and often brought home trophies from winning her age group.

I started running one summer during college and started out by running from one light post to another, then walking to the next light post, and repeating. I did this over and over and finally made it up to 3 miles of running. I guess it was my own version of the "couch to 5K" program that is so popular now. I ran pretty consistently in college and grad school. This was back in the day when I carried my hand held CD player, wore a cotton t-shirt, and didn't know anything about Gu, Fuel Belts, or Garmins.

My problem back then was always consistency and really up until 2 years ago, it still was. When I met Hubby in 2003, he was training for a marathon and it was a good way for me to get back into running, because I had someone to run with. From then until 2007, I would train for a race, run the race,then "lose" my running shoes for several months. Then, the ordeal of starting over was always hard and I just couldn't get back into my running groove. I got pregnant in 2007 and hadn't been running consistently so it didn't make any sense to try at that point. After I had Maddy and Libby in June 2008, I decided that I wanted to run again because I missed it. I started in January 2009 and really haven't taken more than a few weeks off since.

I am proud to be a runner. It makes me feel good even when the last thing I want to do is put on my shoes and and go. Even though I'm not setting any records, or winning any races, I know that it helps me be a better person, wife, and mother.

If you still want to read more, here is a post that I wrote about why I run for my running group. last year.

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