Monday, June 21, 2010

Two years ago

I know I've been saying this every few months for the last two years, but I really am still in shock that Maddy and Libby are (insert age here)! Today, I am still in disbelief that they are 2! Where did my babies go and who replaced them with independent toddlers?

I looked back at the blog and read what I posted the day after they were born, as well as the posts I wrote last year that talked about the days leading up to and the day of their birth.

6 days old. Maddy - Libby

I heard someone say that days with children are long, but the years go by in a flash and I understand that now. Every day, Maddy and Libby do things that make me smile (calling each other sister, giving kisses, feeding the baby doll "bites" of food, playing chase with each other and running around the room), but they also do things that make me lose my patience (running away from me at an outdoor shopping center, not sitting down in the bathtub, throwing Cheerios on the floor.)

They have brought more to my life than I really ever imagined or thought possible. I truly had no idea how having children would change me, but it has.

Happy Birthday, Madeline Kate. You are my first-born, my spider monkey, my mischievous peanut, and my sweet girl. You are curious and constantly trying to figure things out and how they work. I sometimes think that your goal in life is to find a warm lap and someone to read you a book. You like to snuggle at night and listen to stories, but lately we don't get much snuggling time because you are too busy. When someone holds you, you hold on tight with your arms and legs and have figured out how to not get put down - you just hold your legs up so they will continue to hold you.

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Lucy. You are my second-born, my giggler, my chatty-cathy, and my little leader. You are talkative, friendly, and funny. You love your books, and definitely have an opinion about which book to read, which cup to use, or which pants to wear. You still enjoy snuggling at night, giving sweet kisses, but sometimes when I ask for a kiss, I'm promptly told "no."

I can't even beging to imagine what this year will hold for us. Potty training? Big girl beds? Trigonometry? I look forward to experiencing everything and learning from you and teaching you, all at the same time.




Kelly said...

So sweet!! Happy birthday to Maddy and Libby! Hope y'all have a special day :)

Miche said...

I remember reading your story last year and LOVED every word of it. Such sweet girls! Happy Birthday Maddy and Libby!

LauraC said...

Happy birthday Maddy! Happy birthday Libby! Congrats to mom making it the second year with twins!

Emily said...

happy happy birthday to the sweet girls!

Mrs. Fabulous said...

Can't believe it's been 2 years! You are so right...the days are SO long but time goes by so, so fast!