Tuesday, June 08, 2010

This one never made my list

I worked from home today and after our sitter left, I put the girls down for their afternoon nap.

I proceeded to eat lunch and get ready to do a little more work, when I heard a lot of chattering and asking "where paci go?" over the monitor. I decided to go back upstairs and hopefully solve any problems and get them settled back down.

I did paci distribution, two diaper changes, more kisses, and wishes of sweet dreams.

I went back downstairs and did some work, but kept hearing chatter every now and then over the monitor. I decided not to go back upstairs, because I figured they would quiet down and I would just make it worse.

About two hours after they normally go down, I could still hear someone moving around so I decided to go inspect.

I was shocked at what I saw next.

Two totally naked babies who had thrown all of their clothes, diapers, blankies and books into the floor. The funniest thing was that Maddy was wide awake (with a puddle in her crib), while Libby was sound asleep, snoozing with her bum up in the air.

I really wish I would have grabbed my camera, but I was in such shock, I really didn't know what to do first. Needless to say, sleepsacks at naptime are going to have to be reinforced. Yes, they make them big enough for 2 year olds (and even older.)

So, if the 3's are supposed to be the new 2's, then what are the 2's? Causation for early afternoon drinking?


LauraC said...

If you want to avoid the sleep sacks, you could also put diapers on backwards with duct tape. I've seen it's mostly a phase, the whole undressing thing. Or footed zipper pjs with the feet cut out (or find some with no feet) put on backwards also works!

Bella Michelle said...

LOL! I can just see that scene!