Friday, June 04, 2010

Hydrangea love.

I love hydrangeas. I used them in our wedding and thought they were perfect.

When we looked at our house, I will admit that I was so excited to see 4 different hydrangea bushes around the yard. I would still love to plant more, along with more peony bushes, and daffodils.

We didn't cut them back last year like you are supposed to, so they are probably a bit overgrown in "proper" hydrangea standards, but does it really matter when you look out and see their beautiful blooms?

These particular bushes have changed colors since we've lived here. I really remembering them being a greenish shade, then they moved to white, and now part of the bush is blue. It's really amazing and the color is supposedly based on the soil acidity.

I wish they would bloom all year round, but I guess I wouldn't appreciate them as much if they did.


KatiePerk said...

Gorgeous! I love them too. We only have 1 bush and I am thinking of adding to that!!

Beyond by Maureen said...

Gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your peonies too!!

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

one of the hydrangeas we have is 6' tall by 5' a huge pot buried in the ground. it's at least 90 years old (it's in a picture we have from 1920).
my bridesmaids' bouquets were huge hydrangeas in a bunch with willow branches.
what i'm trying to say is... ME TOO!!

Jules said...

We have a few bushes of them and I LOVE them. Andy calls them Old Lady Plants. LOL I cut 20 of them off yeterday and put them in a vase for OG's bday party. They look great. Ours are mostly purple'ish and pink.