Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bad phone photos = Wednesday rambling blog post

I have always loved the color lime green until I saw this today.

Really? Why would you choose this color for your Jag?! Or for any car?

Later, I caught Libby trying out my shoes. Yep, I probably walk that slowly in some of my shoes, too.

I also had to share a comment from one of our baby sitters this afternoon. I was holding Maddy after huge meltdowns from both Maddy and Libby over water in sippy cups. It was mayhem and our sitter stayed around until the chaos calmed down and everyone was happy again.

I had walked into the kitchen while holding Maddy when our sitter grabbed a tissue and said "Excuse me, let me get this. You have a huge booger on your shoulder." Nice, huh? Have I mentioned that glamour is my middle name?


Sarah said...

It's amazing the colors people will paint their luxury cars...

Last night as the girls and I were watching my fiance's softball game. I was chatting with some of the other wives/girlfriends (NONE of whom have children), when my youngest walked by with a big booger on her cheek! I didn't even have a wet wipe/napkin/ANYTHING in my gigantic bag, so I used a Target receipt to get it off her face!! You could just SEE them all gagging, to which I replied, "Um, trust me. One day you'll be glad when it's just a booger issue, too."

Ohhh the things Mommas do with a smile!

lisagh said...

That's so funny about the Jag... I was just saying to my friend today "I want a lime green car"... but I meant maybe a Volkswagen Beetle or something :)

Kim said...

That sitter is a keeper!