Wednesday, May 05, 2010

White jeans

I bought my first pair of white jeans earlier this year and I'm a little obsessed with them. I want to pair them with every bright top I own, and I'm on the hunt for turquoise blue to wear with them. I know this probably doesn't sound like a big deal, but this is my first pair of white jeans and probably my second pair of white pants that I've ever owned. I think my other white pants were maternity. I'm almost 40, um scratch that ... I'm over 35.

A little background ...

My parents were friends with a couple and the wife always wore white pants that were about a size too tight. Growing up, I can remember my Mom talking about this woman and her tight, white pants. I guess subliminally, it did a number on me to steer clear of this purchase.

I have made it through most of the day and they are surprisingly still clean. Today involved getting children in and out of car seats, getting a big stroller out of the back of my car, holding children who may or may not be dirty, petting black dogs, and general work/household related activities.

I am probably testing the proverbial waters by wearing them to celebrate Cinco de mayo tonight. Salsa! Guacamole! Black beans! Oh, the many things that Oxiclean may end up removing later. Not to mention that y'all already know that I don't dry my jeans and it should also be known that I also wash them in cold.

Let's say a little prayer that I don't come home looking like a 3rd grader after a good day on the playground.


Emily said...

I have your white maternity pants and I keep staring at them, terrified of actually putting them on.

This blog needs pics of you in your white jeans!

LauraC said...

I love white pants. Love. My favorite white jeans are in size 4, which I have not seen since before my boys were born. I sigh whenever I see them as I haven't been able to find a pair as great as those anywhere.