Thursday, May 06, 2010

Teaching bad habits

Hubby snapped a few photos this morning and said it needed to go on the blog. Maybe he did that so I would stop posting photos of my feet and writing about pants.

This was Maddy and Libby at breakfast this morning. You will notice that they were both checking their phones for any important text messages, emails, or funny Facebook statuses that may have come through overnight.

They love these phones and while we have at least 3 toy phones, these are still the ones they want. I think it's the same with "real" keys ... the toy keys just aren't the same. Probably because the toy keys don't cause Mom's car alarm to go off early in the morning. We finally relinquished these phones, took out the batteries, and most days they leave our Blackberry's alone.

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Miche said...

So about your highchairs. Do you prefer these over the ones you can put in an actual chair that take up less space and why?

This is a test :)