Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Thursday Ramblings

Maybe that's what I should rename by blog, since it's all pretty random, isn't it?

* A little update on Mom ... some of her blood work levels were off last week so they didn't give her a chemo treatment, but she did have a treatment yesterday. 4 down, 8 to go! She is also on a blood pressure medicine that lowers her sodium levels. Even though low sodium sounds good, it's not when it comes to chemo. So her Dr. is trying to manage this so she can still take her meds, but also receive chemo. Mom said that she is starting to lose her hair and when it was windy on Tuesday, she said it was actually blowing away in the wind. A sweet friend gave me scarves that her Mom had used and I mailed them off to my Mom yesterday. It was great to be able to recycle these, and my Mom hopes that she can do the same.

* We almost had a pink eye episode yesterday. One of Libby's teachers noticed that her eye looked a little red and swollen. It looked better after her nap, but I called the nurse anyway. She didn't think it was pink eye based on what I told her, but just to keep an eye on it and flush her eye with warm water in case she had gotten dirt lodged in her eye. With as much pollen as we've had lately, I wouldn't be surprised if if it was just a reaction to all that's blooming.

* To run or not to run. A girl from my running group sent an email about a Friday morning 5:30 run. Ugh. I ran today at 6AM and am trying to decide if I want to do a long run tomorrow and get it out of the way before the weekend.

Pros: It's going to be in the 90's over the weekend and I would have it over with before it's hot.
Cons: I would have to get up at the crack of dawn to leave my house by 5:15.
Decisions, decisions.

* I haven't technically started training for the 3-Day. I actually start a half marathon training program on Monday, so I need to ask my Coach how to include some walking and transition to all walking before the 3-Day. I know one thing I'll need are at least 2 pairs of shoes to do the walk in that I can break in before the event. I've heard different theories about how to do this, but most have said that they trained in one pair, but had 1-2 other pairs that they wore that weekend. I love Brooks for my running shoes, but used to wear New Balance for walking. Look at these awesome Lace Up For the Cure shoes and clothing that they carry! They even have personalized ones so you can let everyone know who you're walking for.

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Jules said...

i am SOOO dreading 5:30 am tomorrow (like I am sick in the stomach about it dreading it)...but I am going ONLY to get oout out of the way and be DONE by 6:45am I hope.