Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Someone told me today that I remind them of one of the Real Housewives, or maybe it was Desperate housewives. I don't know.

But, they didn't tell me which one. Then I was afraid to ask.

I'm going to rule out Orange County, because I think they're all blonde.

I'm going to rule out Atlanta, because I'm not black, nor do I wear a blonde wig.

So that narrows it down to NYC, New Jersey, or the Desperate ones

Who could it be? I don't see it, but I know there's a few that I would love to look like, and a couple that I secretly pray I don't look like.
Today, I looked like a Real Mom of Twins. This was because I looked down on my shirt to see Maddy's antibiotic stained on my shirt, as well as on my jeans, and on my watch. How do you think she liked her medicine? Yep, that much. My hair was frizzy from getting out in the rain without an umbrella, because there's no good way to push a double stroller and hold and umbrella. I also had some reddish stain on my chin that I still have no idea what it was. Ink? Strawberries? Who knows!?


Jules said...

LuAnn from NY maybe? Gosh, I have no idea.

lisagh said...