Friday, May 21, 2010


Darn you, Seventh Generation cleaning products.
I caved, spent the extra money on you, and thought I was doing something good for the earth, good for my family, but I can't take your smell. It is reminiscent of a preventative flea shampoo that we used to bathe our dogs in when I was growing up. Yuck.

I miss my good ol' Clorox Anywhere spray.

Does anyone have a "friendly" disinfectant/cleaner spray that they use? This is for things like high chairs that need to be clean and free of germy germs. Or one that you make yourself?


Nicole S. said...

I use water and vinegar. It works great on all surfaces - my granite counters, my dining room table, glass and tile, even to mop the hardwood floors. I just put it in old spray bottles. The smell is strong at first but fades fast and actually kills odors (and germs). If the smell really bothers you, you can add a tiny bit of lemon juice, also a good natural cleaner, to make the scent nicer.

If you have really stuck on gunk, sprinkle some baking soda first then spray with the vinegar solution and it will be pretty easy to scrub off. Works wonders on the high chairs.

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

i use clorox anywhere on highchairs. :-) bad for the earth perhaps, but good for me!

Rae said...

I second the water and vinegar mix. Equal parts of each. I use it on everything except glass. I use lemon juice and water on that. My house feels cleaner now than it ever did, because there are no residues left behind. And yes, while the vinegar smell is strong while you are using it, it dissipates quickly.

teresa-bug said...

I use Shaklee products. They are great!

amanda said...

Looks like others beat me to the punch, but I was going to say I've heard that water and vinegar is really the best. We use Shaklee stuff. I actually won a huge earth friendly gift basket at the Kernersville Folly about a year or maybe 2 ago and we're stil using it. They have one product that comes in a bottle and you just use different concentrations for what you need. The basket came with labeled spray bottles wiht the recipes, but you could just use your own. There is a window cleaner, a degreaser, and an all purpose cleaner. I use a few drops with a bucket of water for my floors too. It's great stuff. I don't know what it actually costs, but it lasts forever. We've probably only used a 10th of our concentrate bottle. That really just speaks to how much more I need to be cleaning, but I think normal people would find it lasts a long time too!

amanda said...

Oh, I've also heard good things about the "green" clorox too.