Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Busy week, so a bulleted list about the latest happenings.

  • Mom is doing great. She had her second round of chemo this morning. I am amazed at her strength.
  • Naked baby count this morning: one. I turned the corner to see Maddy, naked, holding her diaper.
  • Clothing changes for M&L before going to school: one each. Guess who has figured out how to work the water in door function on the refrigerator?
  • First day at work on Monday = first day of vacation. Everyone else was away at conferences, or working from home, so I basically was in the office for 1/2 hour. I did go home and do a little work, so today feels like the first day all over again.
  • Laughing that our sitter put the girls in the wrong cribs last night. When I checked on them, I thought they had been switched and it was confirmed this morning. I'm surprised they didn't throw a fit, but I guess it was like staying in a hotel for them.
  • Loving the Lands End Canvas cardigans. Soft with a little bit of stretch.
  • Loving my rock out session to R.E.M. with M&L this morning on the drive to school. I looked in the rear view mirror and they were waving their hands and clapping to "Gardening at Night." Good times and it made me smile all day.


Jules said...

Those are some good bullet points. :)

lisagh said...

Glad to hear your mom is doing well. She is in my thoughts.

Plaid Girl said...

I am laughing out loud at M&L...and if you put it all together they could've been dancing naked to REM! That's my partying kind of girls! They have great taste! JK now tells me, "Woud Mommy!" so I will turn up the music in the car!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I need to bite the bullet and give some of the Lands End Canvas stuff a try. I always hesitate buying online because I don't know how to will fit.

...and great to hear your mom is doing well!