Friday, April 23, 2010


See that forecast on Sunday? See that big cloud with rain coming from it? See that 70% chance? Yuck.

Guess what I'm doing on Sunday? Running my first trail half marathon. When you go to the hourly forecast, thunderstorms are predicted at 7am and 10am. I start at 8:15 so it's likely I'm going to be trapped on a muddy trail when a deluge sets in.

It's bad enough that I'm a little nervous about spraining an ankle, but now the thought of running, coupled with thunderstorms is a little more than unnerving.

I'm hoping that rain comes through on Saturday and leaves us alone. Please, please, please.


LauraC said...

If there is lightning, they will cancel the run, right? I will be thinking about you and hoping to run it next year!

I forwarded the Sevier skirts link on to some friends here because I have been searching high and low for skirts this year with no luck. I might have to host a party. The only place I've found skirts is Boden.

Kelly said...

you will do great :)

Suzanne said...

I ran my first train 10 miler in a pouring rain storm. I ended up covered in mud. The following year it was sunny and warm. Not even remotely as much fun as before. Have a blast and good luck!

PreppyBumpkin said...

Good luck!! Hopefully the weather will hold off. Not excited at all about the chance of severe storms.

Rock it, girl!

Jules said...

How'd it go?