Thursday, April 01, 2010

Should have known

We dyed Easter eggs yesterday "with" Maddy and Libby. When I say "with", they were coloring in their high chairs and Hubby and I were dying the eggs on the counter in front of them.

So, I placed them around our living room ... some in a basket, some on a silver tray, one in a little egg holder thingy that we have.

Then, in about the span of 2 minutes, I walked in the living room to find 4 cracked eggs on the floor and the dogs doing their best to try to get to the hard-boiled goodness.

I should have taken a picture, but it all happened so fast that there wasn't time. I really didn't want the dogs to eat 4 eggs, so I was trying to just get it all cleaned up.

Making note that this is definitely one of those things that I should have known. Maybe next year, we can all actually participate in egg dying, and also understand the definition of fragile.

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Miche said...

Bad idea :) And yes you should have known :)