Friday, April 30, 2010

Mud and shiners

So, I finally found my photo cord. (In my catch all basket on top of the cabinet.)

Icky, dried on mud. It was pretty much like this on the back of both legs. Luckily, I stayed upright so this wasn't all over me. Also note two blisters a formin' that luckily really didn't form. Also, a bad choice in toenail color that looks like my regular toenail color. Yuck, my feet are pretty gross. I may become one of those anti-foot people and I definitely think I have earned a nice pedicure.
Shoes, post-race. I took them off at the car and I will admit that they are still sitting in that same bag in our mud room. A little irony for you. I definitely need to hose them off, wash them, and donate them to our local running store. They in turn, donate them to Soles 4 Soles.

While we were running, Maddy and Libby were with one of our sitters. They had a great morning, but we did have a little slip & fall. Apparently, Libby cried for about 2 minutes and then shook it off. My sweet little girl did end up with about 3 bruises ... one above her eye, one on her cheek, and one on her chin. She has my pale, Irish skin and it will show every bump and bruise.

Luckily, they are clearing up and my brave girl also started walking down steps today. It was the cutest thing to watch because she would throw her arms in the air, for balance I guess, as she walked down them. Of course, then Maddy had to get in on the act. I'll try not to be "that Mom" who is worried about even more shiners now that they'll be going up and down steps.

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