Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Keeping it real, a little too real.

I really, really wish that I didn't have this story to tell.

Yesterday, I put Maddy and Libby down for their nap around 1PM. I came back downstairs and vacuumed our family room, and mopped the kitchen floor. After I finished, I checked email while waiting for the floor to dry.

Over the monitor, I could hear someone crying. It had gone from a little bit of talking to full blown crying. I broke my own cardinal rule and stepped on the wet kitchen floor so I could go upstairs and see what was wrong.

I opened their bedroom door to see Libby fast asleep and Maddy standing naked in her crib. Yes, you can probably guess what else was in the crib.

One dirty diaper, luckily with most of the contents in the diaper, but yes, there was poop elsewhere. On Maddy, on the sheets, on the blanket, on her little pillow, etc.

I got it cleaned up, sheets changed, and started a bath for Maddy. Oh yeah, and Libby is still totally sacked out through all of this. Amazing.

So, aside from the ick factor, I was thankful that she didn't "finger paint" or anything similar. I know you've heard the stories. I have to wonder ... could it be time for a potty, since she seems to want to strip down when she has a dirty diaper. I don't think I'm mentally ready to start, but maybe she's telling me that she is.

* Note: we typically use sleep sacks at night, but I usually don't put them on for naps. Maybe I should start.
* Another note: Maddy did have on a dress and bloomers that were pretty easy to remove and she has been known to take off her PJ's and run around after breakfast in just a diaper. She's free spirited that way.
* Yet another note: Thank God for cute bunny pillows that have removable bunny covers that can be rescued and washed during occasions such as this.


Suburban Princess said...

Oooooooo yuck! My son has started taking his pants off at night...so I have started putting 2 onsies on him! I think potty training is in our near future!

LauraC said...

In the meantime, a diaper backwards with duct tape is supposed to work wonders. We never had that issue (said while silently giving thanks).

Emily said...

oh, ick. i have nothing else to say.

Barefoot in the Park said...

oh my. a friend of mine's daughter did the same thing ... except diaper was smeared on the wall!

perhaps its time for prudence and the potty!