Sunday, April 11, 2010


It has been a cheese Sunday at the D. household.

We were at the "Tahjma" Teeter on Friday night, or maybe it's now called "Teeterdome" to pick up a few ingredients for a yummy black bean dip that I was going to make for Saturday. This still isn't the exact recipe that I had tried years ago, but I deleted and edited enough to make it taste like the one I remember.


We had Maddy and Libby who were enjoying their 5th bread sample of the evening and we were barely even past the deli area when I saw my beloved Augusta's Creations pimento cheese. Harris Teeter started carrying it some time ago and it is so good. It doesn't say it on the packaging, but it's made with Cabot cheddar, another one of my favorites. So, I had to pick up a tub of their jalapeno. Oh, it's so good. Different than the one my Mom makes, but equally yummy.

On Saturday morning, I decided to go check out our local Farmer's market. I didn't get there super early so I thought I'd be OK with the stroller. I was wrong. I went to our smaller, curb market that is indoors and let's just say that the aisles were a bit tight. Maddy and Libby had a blast, waving hi to folks, and checking out all of the goods. There I picked up another favorite, Goat Lady Dairy goat cheese. I tried the basil and garlic spreadable cheese and let's just say that Hubby and I don't have to worry about any vampires visiting us today.

Sadly, I don't think GLD cheese is available much outside of our area, but I know that Augusta's is available online, and Cabot is easy to find. Thank goodness for an 8.5 mile run today after my weekend of cheese!


The Transplant said...

Just came across your blog through another and laughed out loud when I read "Taj MaTeeter"!! Did not realize you were located in the same town until then!! Hubs and I love that Teeter! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog!

teresa-bug said...

I think we live in the same city as well. I love the Tajmateeter! (or Gucciteeter, as some call it) I was in there the other day and got some Augusta's. Mmmmm.

Barefoot in the Park said...

oh my goodness augstas is so delish. we dont have it here! i think i must request it!