Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Words heard lately in the D. family.

"Quack." - When Maddy and Libby see a duck or when asked what the duck says.
"Up" or "Up-see." When they want out of the high chair, crib, or up in your lap.
"Coat, Go." Pretty self-explanatory. "Get your coat on, and let's go!"
"Noooo." Again, pretty self-explanatory. "Do you want more milk?" "Nooooo." "Let's change your diaper." "Noooooo."
"Baby" For anyone (real or in pictures) under the age of 4.
"Baaaaa." As in what the sheep says.
"Naa-no." or "Naa-nu." Still trying to figure out what this one means. We think it may be a loose interpretation of "I want a..." "Naa-nu" = "wanna."
"Pasie" = Pacifier. We are now only using it at nap & bedtime. I'm hoping to give them away to some lucky baby by the time Maddy and Libby turn 2, so cross your fingers.
"Elmo" Yep, that red monster. This one may have surprised us the most, because they only have the Elmo telephone and two Elmo plates and don't watch Sesame Street. I do think there are some Elmo toys at their preschool, so I think that's how it's infiltrated.

We've also had an abundance of dancing, exploring, snuggles, hugging, book reading, swinging, oh, and banging on the cabinet when they want more crackers!

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