Saturday, March 27, 2010


Spring has sprung around these parts. My yard is full of daffodils, even though I've decided that I could plant an entire yard full and still want more. I can see the tulips getting ready to bloom, and of course, a little pollen in the air, and noticing that our lawn needs to be mowed.

I also unpacked a few Easter goodies for around the house.

Mom gave me this little guy and he found a home on our rather unadorned mantle, along with some forsythia branches.

On the agenda this week, Easter egg dyeing (pastel glitter!), and putting together Easter baskets. Pretty simple around here ... one new book each, sidewalk chalk to share, and Little People that come in eggs. I think we'll round it out with either some goldfish crack-uhs or an-mul (animal) crack-uhs.

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Suburban Princess said...

Cute! I keep it simple too since we arent religious - I got my son a little golf set - the handle of the golf club is a carrot! TDF!