Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oops, I did it again

Remind me not to leave Hubby home alone with an Internet connection and a credit card.

I left on Sunday to visit a good friend of mine for a little overnight girls trip, and before I had arrived, I received an email that I was signed up for another half marathon.

Ok, so yes, we had talked about it, but I still had to laugh when I received the email that said "Thanks for registering." Whaat?

So, wish me luck that in less than a month, I'll be able to run a TRAIL half marathon. I used to trail run all the time, but that was many years ago when I was a little more brave and not worried about broken bones. Fast-forward some 15 years and I'm a lot older, hopefully a little wiser, and definitely more skittish about self induced bodily harm.

So, that is that. So, I guess I am really on my way to completing my goal of running 5 halfs this year. It would be nice to knock out 2 of them by the end of April. We shall see.


LauraC said...

Is it the Owl's Roost Rumble?! I SO wanted to do that but we have family coming to stay with us that weekend. That race is supposed to be a blast!

Hannah J said...

My hubby and I ran a trail marathon last November. It was our first race at all other than a 5k here and there, and it was so intense. Turned out to the be the hardest trail marathon in the midwest (whoops) and although I swore the whole time that I would never run again, by the next morning we were talking about how excited we were to do it again next year. Trail is so much fun; have a blast!

MER said...

Fun! You'll do well. Now you've inspired me to look for more 1/2's this year, and in London. Should be interesting.