Monday, March 22, 2010

The Firm

Hubby has a 3rd interview with a company this afternoon, and they have also asked to meet me. So, I'm going to lunch on Friday afternoon. Gulp. I totally feel like we may be in the movie, The Firm. I didn't realize that companies still did this ... it feels very old school.

So, of course some of my questions are where are we going for lunch, and what should I wear?

Lunch will be downtown, and still no idea what I'm wearing. Since I've been a quasi stay at home mom/part time marketer/unemployed marketer for nearly 2 years, my business attire is a little lacking.

Luckily, I have the trusty Ann Taylor black pants and a selection of spring-ish sweaters, so I think I'll be OK.

Now to brush up on current events so I don't blurt out something like "Have you seen the new BPA free children's plates from Tupperware?" or "You should have seen me trying to catch the roll away poop from Libby's diaper on Monday." or even better, "Guess what Maddy said today? Boogie! As in booger." Ugh.

It's hard enough to go on a job interview for yourself, but to go on one for your husband is a new one for me. I certainly don't want to be the one to mess it up!


Suburban Princess said...

Now is the time to brush up on your table skills! A knife and fork refresher is always handy!

Dont worry about leading the convo - this is about the bosses...they will dictate what you talk about. If it is a subject you know nothing about and you are asked a question simply say 'With all the time I spend raising our children I miss having the time to stay on top of reading the paper and watching the news so I am enjoying this chance to hear all of your opinions'

I was a pretend wife for a number of guys I knew in my 20's so if you want more tips just let me know!

Good luck!

Mrs. Fabulous said...

If they give you a new house and a Mercedes, I'd be worried... :)

The Firm was one of my fav books to read. Also liked to movie too!

I understand the feeling of not knowing what to wear. I think you'll be fine in your black pants and sweater top! Good luck to husband :)

Jillian, Inc said...

OMG- The Firm all the way. GOOD LUCK! I'd be so nervous. My husband is a great interviewer. Me....not so much.

natalie @ our old southern house said...

oh, lord! i always hating talking w/cooper's bosses...though his dad was the cfo of the co. at one's so--what's the word??--daunting. good luck!!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

You will do great. Maybe they will change their minds and want you instead of Hubby. Then he can be in-the-know about the BPA bottles and the rollaway poop. That one made me laught OUTLOUD!!!! :) Whenever I think about how I should act, I always remember my mom telling me to "Act like Susan." That always is a winner!