Thursday, February 18, 2010


Thanks to everyone for the prayers for my Mom. I really do appreciate it and she seems to be doing well. When I talked to her yesterday, she sounded great and her only real complaint was that her throat hurt from having a tube in during surgery.

She will go back in March to find out the stage of the cancer, and also learn more about her treatment plan. So far, so good and she is extremely positive. I also loved hearing about the treats that my Sister-in-Law and one of her friends had brought. Everything from steps so she can get into their (very high) bed easier, hand sanitizer, mints, bubble bath, Cheez-Its, button front shirts, etc.

Yesterday, after Maddy and Libby woke up from their nap, I was taking a few photos so I could send some to my Mom. New photos always make her happy and she had reminded me that she was looking at photos from Thanksgiving and didn't have that many from 2010. Subtle hint, huh?

I noticed that Maddy looked flushed, so I took her temperature ... 103! Yikes! It's never been that high, so I called the Pediatrician and spoke to one of the nurses. Just a virus and not much else to do other than Tylenol/Motrin, lukewarm baths, humidifier, etc. Poor girl. She did OK last night, but was pretty needy this morning. We read lots of books and pointed out all of the dogs. Sweet girl. She and Libby are now at the coffee table eating Ritz crackers and seem to be having a good time. The Motrin is helping, but they said the fever could potentially hang around for 3 days. She's not pulling at her ear or having any breathing issues, so that is good news, but I still hate that she's not feeling 100%. At least she's eating something, because she didn't have much to eat at breakfast.

Of course by the evening, I also noticed that I didn't feel great. Sore throat, etc. Lovely. So, I've been taking my Emergen-C, drinking hot tea, and digging into my bag of throat lozenges. Great. Like everyone, I just don't have time to be sick and of course, it's coming up for when we have plans. 1st haircuts for Maddy & Libby today, Bounce House with the Moms of Multiples group tomorrow, 1st birthday party on Saturday, 10 mile run on Sunday.

So who knows what will actually happen this weekend ... Libby may be playing solo daughter while the sick girls stay home.


Midwest Nest said...

So glad to hear your mom did well. Your family remain in my prayers. Hope you and Maddy feel better soon. Too much sickness going around right now.

Jillian, Inc said...

glad to hear the update on your mom...and those little "treats" and the pictures of your girls -are what make the world go round. I had the same higher-than-normal temp with my 4yo a couple weeks ago and my pedtrix said the same thing. And that made me wonder what ever happened to the swine flu brew-ha-ha of a few months ago. And the first sign was A FEVER and we were to CALL DR IMMEDIATELY. Guess that's just old news now. I can't keep up! ha!