Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Uncharted waters

I did something that I have never done before. In my life, or for atleast as long as I've been doing laundry on my own.

You can ask any roommate or Hubby.

I dried my jeans. (insert gasp here.)

Ok, ok ... so it may not be any big deal, but it was for me. I have had a no jean drying rule for as long as I can remember. I guess I've always had a big paranoia that I was going to shrink my good fitting jeans. At least by not drying them, I always knew what was causing my jeans to fit a little bit tight. Chips and queso, Maxie B's lady raspberry cake, Chubby Hubby ice cream from Ben and Jerry's.

So, just like the Missy Elliot songs says, "Lost a few pounds in my waist for ya." Well, it really isn't anything at all like the Missy Elliot song, but I have lost a few pounds and my jeans kept sagging. So, I'm hoping that this little trip to the dryer will help my SJS, (saggy jean syndrome).


lisagh said...

Laundry day for me has jeans and pants hanging all over the house over doors, on backs of chairs. I would NEVER dry my jeans in the dryer. Too scary :)

Mrs. Mordecai said...

That's interesting. I've never not dried my jeans in the dryer. I guess my cheap jeans aren't too temperamental!

Jamie said...

I confess, I am a jean dryer...mine have the hint of stretch, and they dry great and fit perfect everytime.
BTW...I, too, LOVE chubby hubby and have no control when it comes to eating straight from the pint container...

kanishk said...
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