Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Hubby and I started Weight Watchers online back in December. We've both done well with it, especially the Hubs. I think he dropped something like 8 pounds the first week. Let's just say that my biggest weight loss week was maybe 2 pounds. I was most impressed with my recent loss of 2 ounces, but hey, it's still a loss. I think I'm down almost 5 pounds and Hubby is down over 13 pounds. Probably the only holiday season that we haven't gained. Whoo!

We both have a sweet tooth and there's only so much yogurt or an apple will suffice.

So, Hubby brought home a box of chocolate creme cakes that are made by WW and only 1 point. On the box, they look great. Big ol piece of cake, ooey gooey filling inside. Yum.

Not bad, right?
Not bad until you start comparing it to other similarly sized items lying around your house.

Oh, look! Slightly bigger than the Little People person!

I'd call it a tie. Chapstick vs. Cake.

Sorry, Cake. 2 binder clips got you beat.


LauraC said...

I LOVE the little people picture! ha!

Um, I gained 7 lbs in December. LOVED eating every bite too.

Emily said...

oh dear! i'm loving the chapstick pic since that's what I most closely identify with.

you go girl with your 5 pounds. and you know, boys always do silly stuff like that. metabolism is too nice to them.

The Ross Family said...

That is hilarious!

I've had those little cakes before.... they are tiny, but pretty good!

ashlie said...

Too funny!

Miche said...

When I returned to work this week my fat pants were tight again. Not good.

I'm thinking this pinched nerve or whatever has departed (hopefully) so whenever this cold front kicks the bucket I'll be back outside.

Enjoy your tiny cake!

Miche said...

and is it purple? odd.