Sunday, January 03, 2010

More coughing ...

Has led to more early morning TV watching when I can't sleep. Today, I watched part of National Geographic's show called 'The Women of K2 and death on the mountain' or something equally scary sounding. It was actually pretty interesting ... from what I watched, there had been only 5 women who had summitted K2 and all 5 had died ... either on the mountain or in other climbing related deaths. There was a new woman who was hoping to be the first one to actually reach the summit and survive. I ended up falling asleep, so I have no idea how it all turned out. Anyone else up around 4:30 am today and know the answer?

There were also many more infomercials ... Girls Gone Wild DVD, Bare Minerals makeup, the Insanity workout DVD, P90X workout DVD, Snuggies, and a really cool shoe storage box that can fit under your bed. Also, did you know that VH1 is actually playing VIDEOS at that time of day?

I think it's a good thing I don't have my credit card number memorized or I may have been calling for the shoe storage box.

Do you think it's possible for a upper respiratory thing from Thanksgiving to have hung around until now? I really feel like I've been coughing since then and it's probably time to go back to the Doctor. All this coughing and temperatures in the 20's has led to no running this week and I'm feeling a little guilty. However, I just don't think that coughing and running when it's that cold could be a good combination.

This week ... 30's and 40's for the highs, so at least we're moving up the thermometer.


Karen said...!!!!

The Ross Family said...

I hate not being able to run this time of year. I went twice last week and froze! I hope you get to feeling better, and I'd definitely go see the doc again.

LauraC said...

Another vote for the doctor.

Also I am setting up a 500 in 2010 challenge that people are joining, to help motivate us to run/walk/elliptical 500 miles. Want in? Email me!