Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm always the last to know.

I love music ... it can inspire me, lift me up, make me feel like dancing, remind me of a particular time in my life, or just be a pleasant background to the day. I like a lot of different music, but kind of feel like I'm out of the scene ... I don't really know the new bands out there and haven't seen much live music with the exception of during my trip to Nashville and at Music in the Park during the summer.

Several friends of mine have gone on and on about a certain band, oh probably for the past two years, but I never got around to checking them out.

Until I realized that two of their songs were ones that I knew, but didn't realize that I knew.

So, it's The Avett Brothers, from right here from NC. It's not like they are brand new - they've been out for several years, have several albums, and I should have checked them out a long time ago. Check out "Ten Thousand Words" and "I And Love And You." I'm addicted to both.

They definitely have a good, laid back vibe ... perfect for background music for dinner with friends or a quiet evening at home. I also noticed a few faster songs that were worthy of my running mix. I also think that some of the band members may have a hot/cute factor going on, so that is always a plus. It's a modern twist on bluegrass, with sometimes a touch of punk, but with kind of a coffee house vibe. You can tell the music has heart. Plus, these guys can really play and sing.


Sarah said...

I just bought their album "I and Love and You" and am obsessed with it! I just heard about them too. In my defense, sometimes we are slower to get hip to things here in the midwest...

Barefoot in the Park said...

such good "background" or chill music. glad you found them!