Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy early Valentine's Day to me, Happy early Valentine's Day to me ...

I think anyone who knows me (or reads this blog), knows that I am a frequenter of Target.

Like every other retailer, the Valentine's Day goodies have been out since Christmas, if not before.

I spotted this set of 3 prep bowls at Target and loved them. They have an entire collection of cups and plates with this alphabet pattern. The cups and plates are plastic and would be cute for a kid's party or as gifts.
Not that I really need another set of bowls, but I kept thinking about them and they found their way in my cart yesterday.
Now, what to do with them? One would definitely make a cute candy bowl, one would be good for my morning oatmeal, the smallest would make a great hand warming latte bowl.
If nothing else, they'll make me smile when I use them to prep ingredients for a meal or to scramble eggs.

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Miche said...

Consider it a gift to yourself for you new role :)