Monday, January 11, 2010


I don't really think much about my age until I find myself in certain situations where I just can't help it.

Case in point: My visit to Target this morning.

I was wandering the aisles trying to find the cough drops where I ended up spotting a nicely dressed young man who I would guess to be of college age. First, I was surprised to see a cute college boy in the pharmaceuticals/make-up area of Target and then to see a nicely dressed one was even more surprising.

I then realized that I had turned into the Protection and Planning aisle.

And he was looking at Protection.

I was mortified and quickly turned around to find my Ricola cough drops. I felt about 900 years old.

I later saw him pushing a big ol' cart with one small box in it. I just smiled to myself. Props to him for being responsible and maybe kudos are in order to thinking he needed a big cart for one small (yet meaningful) purchase.


five tomatoes said...

I'm just glad it was a nicely dressed attractive college guy who had the need for them. ;)

Jules said...

LMAO! Love it!

Emily said...

I love it!!

Whenever I go there to buy pregnancy tests (It sounds like I buy them a lot but I don't) I'm sort of embarrassed and cover them up in my cart with other things and don't make eye contact with the cashier.

WTG random attractive college guy guy for not caring!

Mrs. Fabulous said...

Tee hee! That's funny!! I bet you were embarrassed. I would have been too! :>)