Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thinking about ...

  • Those Hallmark cards that start with the line, "To our wonderful son & daughter" with "daughter" in quotes. It aggravates me every holiday that we receive one. Do they bother anyone else?
  • The Popcorn Factory tin that I noticed at Target yesterday. It contained some kind of savory mix that included jalapeno, cheddar, and another flavor. I didn't want to pause too long or I knew that sucker would end up in my cart and I would eat the whole damn thing. I'm still thinking about it. And Mexican food. And good, warm bread. And Pioneer Woman's crash potatoes. No, I'm not pregnant, just trying to stick to Weight Watchers.
  • Who else but me would run out of tape in the middle of the last present I was wrapping? Luckily, I found some double stick tape and finished it like the pros.
  • Does anyone else keep a copy of Martha's "three perfect bows" how-to guide with your gift wrap supplies? I do, but I can never get my bows as pretty as hers. Maybe it's because my ribbon was 1/2 off at Michaels' or Target, and I'm sure Martha's is not.
  • For obvious reasons, we put our packages on the mantle instead of under the tree this year, but I like it so much that it may become an annual tradition. Plus, it keeps me from trying to figure out how to decorate my mantle.


Emily said...

This list cracks me up. But, I can't figure out the "daughter" thing. WTH is that about?! And you get it every year? I want to see a pic. I promise you it will annoy me just as much.

Farrell and Lauren said...

My mom decorated the house with empty gift wrapped boxes this year, so I think you are on to something with the mantle.

Farrell and Lauren said...

i loathe the "daughter" and "son" cards....are the quotations "really" necessary? :)