Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hello, old friend

Well, I said I was going to do it & I did it.

I ran today. A total of 3.63 miles. In 30-something degree weather. At 6AM. I was proud of myself for a) getting out there period, and b) getting out there in the cold, and c) running the entire time. But, I was so slooooow. An average of a 12 minute mile and I started out with the "fast girls." Hmmph.

Oh well. And I even wore a fancy dancy head lamp that Hubby bought me so I could see in the dark. And some tights which are a new thing for me. I actually got capri tights which were fine even though I thought I might be cold. Apparently, if you're 5'3", a lot of running tights are really long.

I also started weight watchers online yesterday and was so hungry that I contemplated licking the leftover ketchup off my plate. Sigh. I think the first day is always the hardest. Hubby actually found a great recipe for honey mustard pork chops that we had for dinner. Unfortunately, the roasted garlic mashed potatoes recipe went awry. We laughed that they were a little like school glue, but I ate 'em anyway.

I just felt like I had to do something ... I was still eating like I'm still nursing two babies and unfortunately, the calories just don't disappear like they used to.


LauraC said...

I have switched my running to lunchtime because I hate running in cold. My justification is that I ran in Chicago winters OUTDOOR for five winters, so I never need to run in cold windy weather again.

I have a pair of running tights from Title 9 Sports that I have worn for at least 8 years and they are still holding up as great as the first time I wore them. I'm ordering a second pair since I'll be doing lots of outdoor runs this winter.

Miche said...

Did 2 miles last night. Baby steps.

Jules said...

proud of you. I have got to get back out there after 3 wks off. I ran a half marathon? No way. I don't believe it now.

Let's run together this wknd. Ha..I said it.

Kate said...

Woohoo - good for you! I was also not one of those for whom the last few pounds just "dropped off" after I stopped nursing....I really had to work it off. Good luck w/ the WW!