Monday, November 23, 2009

On my mind ...

  1. I'm not 21 anymore and probably shouldn't act like I am. Two early morning bedtimes in a row made for an 8:30PM bedtime for me last night. Pictures to follow.
  2. I'm so glad to have "old" friends that once you see them, it really feels like no time has passed.
  3. Christmas trees ... according to Facebook, it looks like several of my friends are already fully decorated. We're normally the week after Thanksgiving, but we need to decide what size tree to buy this year. I love a big tree with our old glass ornaments. Not sure how that's going to go over with two toddlers. So, we may end up with a tree only decorated on the top half.
  4. I really can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and then New Years. I thought 2008 was fast, but I've now changed my mind.

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