Sunday, November 29, 2009

My babies are growing up.

I know I say it every time I look at pictures, or when I've been out of town, but they really are. 17 months? How did it happen? Plus, I see their personalities shining through so much. Maddy, Miss Independent, slightly mischievous, and a little bit daring. Libby, aka Drama, the hugger, and the communicator. They both have some unique dance floor moves, love to read their books, or play with any object that has buttons or keys. Remotes, phones, and laptops are all kept well out of reach. I'm contemplating giving them big calculators for Christmas.

We had a good Thanksgiving at my in-laws ... eating too much and visiting with family. The girls absolutely love their Grandparents ranch style house. It gives them the perfect racetrack to navigate and that's pretty much what they did anytime they weren't sleeping or eating. This sitting down and being held business? Nah ... not anymore.

Hubby took the 17 month chair photos while I was out of town.

Wearing their Black Dog tee shirts.
This was one of my favorite baby shower gifts and I'm so glad they finally fit into them.

Maddy loooved her Grandma's tree in the entry way. It's always seasonally decorated, so she especially liked plucking out all the little pumpkins and carrying them around.

Libby at Thanksgiving dinner. They ate turkey, a little bit of dressing, creamed corn, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce(!), rolls (yum), green beans, chicken & pastry, and the mini marshmallows from the sweet potatoes.

Not sure if they were eating or playing at this point.

One thing I noticed from all of the photos. Where am I? Behind the camera, most likely shoving pecan pie in my face, but the real problem is that there are no family photos. We really need to make the point to get photos of our little family, but it would have been fun to have tried to take a photo of the entire family. With Hubby's family, that might have been hard since there are 10,000 people at the house for holidays, but I still want to get better about more family photos.


Some Like it Southern said...

The girls are so cute! I bet it's fun seeing their little personalities come out.
Hope you are all doing well!

Sarah Wyland said...

Such beautiful girls!

I'm pretty sure there's something about the name 'Libby' that means 'drama' - my little sister is a Libby and she's a firecracker!

nanny said...

Beautiful pictures of your girls!

Lara Harris said...

Very cute!LOVE the Lab shirts! :)