Monday, November 16, 2009

Eating & Crying

Ok, so another eating post, but this one not about me.

Maddy and Libby are now 16 almost 17-months-old and they still eat like football players. I constantly wonder if I'm giving them too much, too little, etc. Our Pediatrician basically said feed them until they aren't interested anymore. There are some days that I feel like I'm literally running out of food. Maddy has learned to sign "more", but she'll often sign it when she has a plate full of food. Hmmmm ...

We went to a friends house on Saturday for an "early Thanksgiving with friends" dinner. It's a great tradition that they started and we've probably been going for the last five years. They moved it to a Saturday which has really helped out with all of the families with young children.

We went on the early side of early, because we knew that we wouldn't be able to stay for any late-night festivities. So, as soon as the turkeys were ready, we made a plate of turkey, potato casserole, and homemade Mac & Cheese for Maddy and Libby. We were really early so the rest of the sides hadn't arrived yet. They ate about two platefuls each, drank some milk, and then were ready to go play. So I thought they were done.

Libby possibly eyeballing more food.

That is until a 2-year-old and 3-year-old were sitting at the same kid size table and Maddy and Libby proceeded to walk over and try to grab the food off these kids plates. Since they don't quite understand "No, it's not polite to steal food from strangers", I tried to keep them occupied (box of raisins, cups of milk, and toys) while Hubby ran to fix another plate for them. They both kept trying to go back to the plates of food while these other girls just sat in horror wondering why two mannerless babies were trying to eat their food.

Luckily, Hubby came back in with more turkey, Mac & Cheese, baked apples, potato casserole, and some kind of apricot fluff stuff. I can't remember if we tried a green veggie or not. They devoured that and all was OK.

My question is ... can children this young be obsessed with food? They are by no means overweight and according to the growth charts, they are either not on the chart (Maddy) or only in about the 25th percentile (Libby) for weight. They just really love their meal and snack times. What I sometimes worry about is that they sometimes seem to get mad when the meal is over even when they have shown us that they are no longer interested by playing with the food, dropping food on the floor, dropping their cup, etc.

I guess my gut tells me not to worry ... they are growing, they're good eaters, and it's all fine. It's just the screaming that can get to me when they have finished their meals and want more. I guess they'll learn that screaming isn't the way to get what you want ... even though it probably makes us run pretty fast right now. Who's teaching who here?


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Too funny about the food stealing! I don't have children but from an outsiders perspective I would be more worried about a child that wouldn't eat at all than one you may have to watch their intake.

Beth Dunn said...

Yes don't worry it is healthy that they have such a good appetite! xoxo


NatalieDeltaGam said...

i think they're trying to "catch up"...the pediatrician said mm sleeps a lot (i know it's not the same..but you know) b/c she is growing long SO FAST. she's only in the 60 percentile for weight but around the 110 percentile for length and her body needs a lot of sleep for all that it's doing.
maybe they're doing the same...but w/food. :-)

LauraC said...

My boys were BIG eaters even though they were 50th percentile. The screaming ended when we taught them to use the signs "all done" and "more" - particularly Alex since he was a late talker.

They are still big eaters. Some meals they eat more than me. We are saving up for when they are in high school so they don't eat us out of house and home!