Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eating cake

and thinking 'bout running. Or lack thereof.

Something is wrong with that picture.

It has been waaaay to long since my last run and I have no one to blame but myself. Coming up on an entire month. Ugh. I told myself I wasn't going to "fall off the wagon", but here I sit.

Looking up old race times, shoveling cake in my mouth, and feeling a bit blah.

Not that this is an excuse, but I do need to find some cold weather gear for running. Somehow, I don't think my beloved Nike tempo track shorts are going to keep me warm this winter.

Anyone have any favorite winter gear that they'd like to share? Maybe some new winter running tights would inspire me ...


HJ. said...

K, I've never commented because I've never had anything relevant to say. . .BUT I've got an awesome winter running tip for you. These are the coziest tights out there for when it's really cold out.

I use them for running, under my snowpants for skiing, and alone for camping. They're not the super high-tech CWX or anything, but they're so awesome and warm. Enjoy =)

MER said...

I was in Jack Rabbit sports here today looking. I like Sugoi. You can find it on Zappos at a discount. I haven't checked Target yet, the next stop though!

The Ross Family said...

I am in the same boat as you!

Anyhow, I love the Brooks Viva Flare running pants, they rock! They are great for running, but are so cute to run errands in too.

Also, the first poster's REI tights are fabulous! My husband has them :-)