Thursday, October 01, 2009

Uniform Attempt: Day One

So, I have to post this photo with a few disclaimers.

Yes, I am standing in our bathtub. It's the only full length mirror in the house and yes, I will admit to standing in the tub in heels and a party dress to make sure that everything was in check.

Yes, Hubby ... you will think I am crazy for standing in the tub and taking photos of myself. But, you married me so you probably already know about all of my "quirks."

Yes, there are mirrors all around the tub. Installed by the previous owners. Not what I would have picked, but it does add a lot of light to our bathroom and Maddy and Libby love laughing at themselves in the mirror when they are in the tub. Plus, they also love placing little hand prints all over the mirrors.

So, luckily, all of the items were in my closet, still fit, and work for my uniform attempt.

I am wearing:

Old Navy white cardigan from last year.
White tank from Target, I believe.
My beloved Joe's Jeans.
Pewter flats from Target.
My usual jewelry - wedding rings, Tiffany bracelet, watch, and pearl stud earrings. No necklace because the girls love to pull on them.

This will definitely be good for working from home, running errands, and I would even do this for dinner with Hubby, or a casual outing with friends. The shoes will likely get kicked off, but that's OK because then Maddy and Libby will have two new toys.

A few self-criticizing notes ... these jeans are a little long to wear with flats, the cardi really doesn't do much to define my waist and I wish it were a tad longer, but all in all, this is definitely better than staying in running clothes all day.


LauraC said...

Hey how about if you do a series and we can give you ideas on how to spruce it up to have just a few pieces but lots of alternate outfits?

One thing you could do is wear a fun colored tank top under the sweater. Not sure how sheer it is in real life? And then you could wear a chunky necklace, one not easy to break, that coordinates with the tank top. Something like this:

I would also try it with a tank top with a different neckline to help elongate the upper part of your body.

And I forgot to mention yesterday that as a fellow shortie, I have good luck buying petite clothes from Ann Taylor, particularly for shirts.

This is fun! Now I want to play! Except I'm not allowed to shower until this afternoon and so no pictures!

And this is perfect timing bc Rookie Moms had another entry in their series today:

Katiesperk said...

I used to have to stand on the edge of my bathtub to get the full length look! Too funny. I really like those flats!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I love your mirror trick, gotta do what you gotta do!

I think you look cute!

Miche said...

Looks like an outfit out of my closet. Cute!

I like all the things Laura said :)

Leah said...

I think you look cute!

I also agree with the other suggestions of wearing a tank with a slightly lower scoop neckline (not too low of course) to elongate the neckline and maybe adding a bright necklace for a pop of color. The necklace is probably impractical for home but could be added quickly for errands, dinner, etc.

I think have those same flats too.

Will you keep posting your different versions of the uniform? I'm looking for ideas myself.

Farrell and Lauren said...

Farrell just bought her first pair of Joe's at my suggestion. Now we both love them. Reading down about your uniform plan- I am always saying I'm going to do that, so maybe I'll be inspired!

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Hey, I definitely have the same mommy uniform dilemmas. Here's what usually works for me:

On "yoga pants" days, I'll usually wear lululemon yoga pants, and either a hoodie or a longer sweater-coat. Gap Body has some really cute ones right now. I have a pair of Merrell slip-on trainers that I wear with yoga pants that I love.

On "jeans days" - it's jeans (obviously, right?) and I am currently loving Gap long & lean or perfect boot. I like sweater coats vs. heavy coats, and I do a long-sleeved T or tank. I love Boden's sweater coats and even Gap and Old Navy have some really cute ones right now.

Good luck :)