Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today's P List

Purging: 3 trash bags of Hubby's clothes that are now ready to go to my Junior League's thrift store.

Pumpkin Picking: Maddy and Libby weren't so sure, it was almost naptime, and it was freezing. We left pumpkin-less and will hopefully go back later this week.

PF Chang's: Where I'm eating dinner with my running girls to use our 15% coupon cards that we all received for running in the Virginia Beach Half marathon.

Pantless: How Maddy enjoys spending her days. She continually steps on the hem of her pants until she can take them off. Future streaker? Let's hope not.

Pain in the ass: Experiencing my second burst blood vessel in my right eye in the past couple of weeks. I can actually feel them in my eye and that not only worries me and also bugs me.

Photos: Having some family photos made this coming week. We had to reschedule this week because of rain, but hoping to get some good family photos and one for our Christmas cards.

Praying: Many things, and also for a friend back in TN whose son, William (Liam) is having heart surgery on Monday. He's a twin, a preemie, and the Dr's are hopeful that all will go well.


Sarah Wyland said...

Great post!

I'll pray for Liam as well!

Barefoot in the Park said...

i have 3 big bags for our jl resale shop too... feel so good!