Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Operation Uniform

Since I stood in my bathtub yesterday and snapped a few photos, I've decided to go ahead and open up this project today. So without fanfare and any notice, here goes ...

I see this project taking shape with the universal theme of giving women ways to not wear sweatpants all day long and how to look more pulled together and polished in a few outfits that may become part of your "uniform."

Just like how when you see the kids going to private school in their navy polo and khaki shorts ... they always look nice and they didn't have to think much about what to wear that morning. Hopefully this will be the same way. Women across the world can finally open their closet, grab a few items, and look great! (I have to laugh here, because I don't have that many readers, but bear with me!)

I would also say, when you link to your post, let us know what you would like advice about ... are you trying to perfect an outfit to wear to your a college roomie's wedding, do you need to pick out a power suit to ask your boss for a raise, do you need a go-to outfit other than black pants and a pink sweater? So, grab your camera and start snapping your outfits, then post it to your blog, and link to it here!

I thought you might get sick of the same pose ... so I sat down for a few. And, I may have to dig out a full length mirror. I get too distracted looking at bath tub toys, or whether or not I have soap scum to concentrate on the photo!

I am wearing:
Gap blue jean jacket, circa ???. This has been one of my staples pieces for year. Every Fall I pull it out and wear it through Spring.
White Ann Taylor loft tee
Gap khaki/greenish pants
Target metallic flats
Target big chunky necklace from a few years ago. (See, I listened to you last week!)

I like this outfit. After taking my photo, I realized that these pants are too big. Normally that would make me happy, but they are big in all the wrong places. I need to find good fitting pants that I can put on with anything. I've been looking at these from Lands End. They are the new modern fit and they can be hemmed to any length. I've had good luck with their sweaters, but I've never ordered pants. Anyone who has bought these before?

Any pants that you love and can't live without? I have loved a few in the past, but I've ended up having issues with many of them ... this pair that I'm wearing being one of them.

So post and link away. I'll keep this up for 2 days, so grab your cameras and share!


Suz said...

that is my go to weekend/after work outfit. if only i could find a job where that met the dress code i'd be happy camper!

LauraC said...

I opened up the post and thought immediately - I love this outfit!! I think the flats and the necklace make a big difference in how "dressy" it looks despite being casual. I also like this tank neckline on you!

I will play along although not today. Today's outfit would be shameful to display to the public.

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Cute! I love the jean jacket, it's one of my staples too.

Miche said...

Very cute! I'll have to do it tonight if I have time!

Leah said...

OK, I posted my link (and wrote a long-winded post about my uniform). I have a 12-week-old son so I'm especially dealing with uniform issues. Most of my clothes don't fit now so I've had to start from scratch.

I also have a jean jacket as one of my staples (although I didn't wear it today since I'm wearing jeans)

I look forward to seeing everyone's outfits.

Farrell and Lauren said...

Both pears and apples seem to have good luck with Ann Taylor Loft khakis.

Barefoot in the Park said...

oh i hope someone tells of lands end pants. i was wondering the same thing while perusing the catalog last week! cute styles but i wonder how they actually fit!

Beth Dunn said...

I'm so about the uniform but mine is more like a few already coordinated outfits that I wear weekly and know they go together. xoxo