Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have decided that I no longer like to shop, because I always leave frustrated. I used to love to shop ... I used to work for a major shopping center developer, so I shopped all day long, I mean on my lunch hour.

Anyway ... I looked around for a bit today and left empty-handed. Big drapey sweaters, while cute and bohemian, do nothing when you're 5'3" and have hips. It looks like a big ol' mish mash of yarn that is too short to be a dress and too long to be a sweater.

I really want someone to come and go through my closet and tell me what to keep, what to donate, and to take me shopping for what I need. I really want to be on What's Not to Wear.

I need the following go-to outfits/uniforms:

* Everyday - when I do change out of my workout clothes or PJ's and would like to be comfortable, but still look pulled together.

* For when I have to go to work for an event and want to look a little more professional and polished.

* For when I have Junior League meetings, or Hubby and I actually have a date, or go somewhere. So, maybe this would be cute, still pulled together, but possibly a little more special.

I could live in a good pair of pants or jeans, white tee shirt, with a cardigan or my blue jean jacket if I'm not wearing jeans. Is this too boring if I do this every day? Will someone come and raid my closet and shop with me? And maybe teach me how to incorporate fun shoes or a good piece of jewelry? Or give me recommendations on where you find your "uniforms?"


I don't want to scare people this fall when I'm still wearing my running shorts and a sweatshirt revealing white pasty legs. Think of this as a public service for my local community.


MER said...

I too have the same problem. I feel your pain. What is this stuff in stores?!?

Check out Erin's blog ( She started a "Mom Style Monday" series a few weeks ago. She's been on vaca, but I'm sure she'll start it again next week.

Have you tried JCrew's personal shopping service? Ann Taylor also has (well, used to as far as I remember) "wardrobing" experts on hand too.

Nicole S. said...

You can wear jeans, tshirts and cardigans everyday if you want - to make them look different, do a necklace and earrings. That is, of course, assuming that fits in your life. I forget how old your kidlets are. Mine would be yanking the necklaces these days so those are on hiatus but I'll be glad to bring them back in to rotation to spice up my ho-hum wardrobe...

Leah said...

I've been trying to come up with my own "uniform" too since I have an 11-week-old son now. My fall formula is going to be jeans, tanks, cardigans or sweaters and flats. I'm going to change my look with different color flats and jewelry or scarves but the uniform will be basically the same.

Jules said...

The Loft. Although some of their fall stuff leaves something to be desired. But you can't go wrong w/ the basic staples from there. They will get ina new shipmentof new fall stuff soon.

LauraC said...

Rookie Moms just did a series on sweatsuit alternatives:

I am 5'4" with wide hips so I share your pain. For jeans and bras, I went to Nordstrom to get professionally fitted post-babies and it was well worth it.

kanishk said...

Have you tried JCrew's personal shopping service? Ann Taylor also has (well, used to as far as I remember) "wardrobing" experts on hand too. How to make a website

Miche said...

Where do I sign up? I'm going shopping this weekend in hopes that I can add just a few things to my currently dismal wardrobe.

It seems like each time I go I want to sit in the floor and cry because everything fits so differently now.

My only saving grace is that this week I found at least two parts of pre pg pants that fit quite well. If not for that I think I'd be crazy at this point.

Good luck!

Heidi said...

Well, it definitely sounds like you know in your head what you want. You don't need to be on What Not to Wear! Those pple have a SERIOUS problem!! :)

I think it gets harder with children. Even when I'm dressed up (not for work) I constantly have to think about what jewelry not to wear so T doesn't grab it, what shoes I can chase him around in, what jeans wont be too low for when I bend over to pick him up!

You'll find some great pieces. Just take your time. I can tell you already have great style!

Heather said...

This is a fabulous idea! I'll try to think of some suggestions. You look great though. I have been frustrated shopping lately - those odd sweaters, etc are just bizarre and not at all flattering.