Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm a sucker for good marketing/advertising campaigns.

We just booked our hotel for NYC, and not only does this hotel seem to have a great location, a "hidden" burger joint, but they also had very tongue-in-cheek marketing on their website.

This was taken from the website that describes their rooms.

Park Views? Further than the eye can see.
Comfy Beds? Better than sleeping with the fishes.
DVD/CD players? Oh yeah.
Hi-Speed Web? What do you think?
Humongous TV's? Stole 'em from Times Square.
Showers for Two? Even Two Sumo-Wrestlers.
Desk Space? The Envy of Your Boss.

Now to start planning where to go and what to do. This, of course is all based on hoping that Hubby will be able to walk the day after the marathon.


Suz said...

The burger joint is ah-mazing! I work around the corner and we go a few times a year, super long line though so try and go on an "off" time. The inside reminds me of an Annette Funicello Beach Blanket movie - enjoy!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Oh me too! I recently received an e-mail about a new Vegas hotel that was simply perfect. I called to get a price quote just because I appreciated their ad!