Monday, September 14, 2009


I really feel like the grocery store is my home away from home, and that Maddy and Libby are going to eat us out of house & home.

I am so thankful that they are good eaters, but I feel like trips to Harris Teeter are becoming daily, or twice a day. I had to go there again today to exchange a box of Cheerios. Yes, I was that woman walking in with my big ol' box of Honey Nut Cheerios. Hubby picked them up accidentally when he was there yesterday, but we just eat the plain ones. I don't think the girls are allergic to nuts, but I'm not willing to test it out just yet.

So, I just finished baking three chicken breasts and a batch of turkey meatballs. It's so much easier to bake in larger amounts, then freeze the majority of it. I can then get out what we need for the day and not have to worry about making something right then.

Growing up, we typically had standard meals on certain days and I can now understand why. As much as I hated "Hot Dog Monday", I know that it was probably much easier for Mom to plan ahead and not have to stress about what she was making for dinner.

Any tricks that you do to help mealtime and meal planning run more smoothly?

One tip that a friend of mine does (that I've never been this organized to do) is she plans her family's weekly meals and they are posted on the fridge so the entire family can see them. On the back of each color-coded, laminated card, she has the recipe printed so she immediately know what she needs to buy, how long it takes to bake, that she needs to defrost chicken that day, etc. I think her daughters (5th and 7th grade) also help out more and they also get excited when they see the "Dad's Choice" card which ultimately means dinner at Chick Fil A.


LauraC said...

We do meal planning twice a week: Wednesday when we know what came in our CSA and what's on sale at HT. Weekend when we know when Jon will be in/out of town. Our fridge doesn't have enough room to make milk last any longer than that anyway, and I find if I plan an entire week at a time, we throw something out or it goes bad or something.

But yes, I feel like I constantly cook or clean up the kitchen. It's easier now that we all eat the same exact thing!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Haha, I love the "Dad's Choice" card!

I don't have children but even for the two of us I plan out three to four meals a week before I go to the grocery store. Then I know I have everything on hand. The other nights of the week we eat leftovers and then do one dinner out on Saturday night.

It saves extra grocery store runs and last minute take out.

Kristi said...

I saw a system on a blog lately that seems like it would be great! I haven't tried it yet because with just my husband and I at home now it's easier to just grab a sandwich if neither of us planned anything.

But check out for step one of her menu planning steps. It really looks cool!

Farrell and Lauren said...

I can barely keep up with the cooking, and it is just two of us. I have thought about having a specific meal for each day. Having said that, I do have to carry all my groceries home so yeah, that limits the meal planning.