Sunday, July 19, 2009

Operation Sippy Cup, Day One

Well, Day One went better than I expected. There was a little bit of fussiness, but no full blown tantrums or flying cups of milk across the kitchen. They didn't drink nearly as much milk as they normally do in a day, but they still ate well, slept well, and acted like normal happy babies. We tried to keep them distracted when it's normally time for the bottle and I made sure that they also ate yogurt and cheese in their meals.

I was so disappointed, because we had decided to go to the pool after their afternoon nap. We all had on our bathing suits, picnic dinner was packed, and we were almost ready to head out when Hubby remembered that it was "ladies night" at the pool. We called and everything was closing down to prepare for the event, so we ended up enjoying a little baby pool time in the back yard. The big benefit to this is that we can also add in the al fresco bath disguised as splashing in the pool. Somehow I think it would be frowned upon if I busted out the Baby Aveeno at the Swim & Tennis Club.

This is really just a boring post so I can keep track of how it's going.

Libby drank a total of 7 ounces throughout the day, and 2 1/2 ounces at bedtime.

Maddy drank a total of 4 ounces throughout the day, and 3 ounces at bedtime.

We only warmed up the night time milk. We used the 2 different Nuby's, but they seemed to like the taller cup. Honestly, don't all of these "cups" just seem like glorified bottles?

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Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I think the baby pool sounds delightful!