Friday, July 10, 2009

My inner interior designer

I don't claim to be an interior designer or anywhere close to it. I wish I had that knack, but I don't. We still have unhung pictures, rooms that aren't quite "finished", and an office that we kind of scratch our heads and try to figure out how not to keep making it into a storage space. I guess one big reason is that things aren't done are because we have two one-year olds running around and I also think that I'm picky and it takes me forever to make a decision about big ticket items like furniture.

Maddy, Libby, and I went on an outing yesterday (it was to buy frames so I can finish up one project), and I decided to hop into a nearby furniture store to look around. We are in need to more seating in our family room and they had a great overstuffed chair and ottoman for a good deal.

I started doing a little research on some different furniture store websites and I found this one that had this awesome room planner. You can plug in the dimensions of your room, add furniture, add features like windows, doors, etc. I was able to lay down rugs, coffee tables, overstuffed chairs and the best part is ... you can even put little people and dogs in the room! By the time I was finished playing around with what furniture I think we need, adding two dogs, two babies, and two adults ... I had managed to make one crowded room!

Check it out ... it really did help to get a feel for room layout.

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