Monday, July 20, 2009

Feeling like Kanye

Ok, so maybe it's a stretch, but when he sings/raps about "Does anyone make real shi* anymore?", I felt like I could have asked "Does anyone give real customer service anymore?" when I was at my former bank today.

Hubby and I married in 2005 and had four bank accounts between us. We actually added another when we bought our house in 2007, but were still doing all of our banking separately. It drove me crazy, but much like the gift that Hubby has that he never balances his checkbook at all, but pretty much knows how much money is in his account at any given time.

We had finally decided to consolidate our accounts, move our direct deposits, and close the other accounts. I deemed myself "banker in charge" of the household and I now have a special drawer for any receipts and bills.

So, we went to close out two of our accounts today and receive a check so we could move this money into our savings account.

So, we wait ... and wait for the personal banking lady to come out and see us. We get a VP who takes us back and asks how she can help us.

We tell her that we need to close our accounts and get a check.

The only thing she really ever asked was, "Are you sure you need to close the account? We hate to close accounts." Never did she ask why we were closing (or we would have told her because of all of your new monthly fees), or even try to give us a sales pitch to get us to stay.

It just irks me, because I've been with this particular bank for over 15 years. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned or trying to live like it was the 1950's, but shouldn't businesses at least act like they care about you? Especially with the given economy?

And if it weren't for my addiction with online banking, I may just resort back to sticking my money under the mattress!


Solar Powered said...

i just had the "customer service" conversation with someone the other day and was tempted to blog how poor my experience with it has been lately. What gives? Bad economy = bad service? I'm fed up!

amanda said...

Did you hear that BoA charged some guy's credit card something like 2quatrillion dollars for a pack of cigarettes? (seriously that was the number). Obviously a computer error. He said that he was actually withdrawing all of his money and buying a safe...perhaps just a bit irrational.

Kimba said...

ohhh man, i hate to even ask which bank it was...

Jillian, Inc said...

I so agree. I don't even know why I get so upset about poor service any more because it's the norm and not the exception. And, as you say, with the bad economy you'd think things would be improving and people would be happy they still have a job and would at least try harder. Geesh. So frustrating.