Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I wish I could have witnessed this little moment tonight, but I was out running hills with my Janes running group.

My parents are still visiting so they fed the girls dinner tonight since I had a hair appointment at 4:45 and then I was going to meet the girls to run at 6.

So, Grans had prepared a yummy dinner of steamed veggies (fresh green beans, squash, new potatoes), tomato, and fresh peaches. I'm not sure if they had a meat or not.

Maddy had started "blowing raspberries" earlier today and since Libby has been able to do this and "give kisses" on command for quite a while, Mom was practicing with her while they drank their bottles. From what I was told it went something like this ...

Grans: "Maddy, give me a raspberry."
Maddy: silence, drinking bottle and not stopping.
Libby: Pops bottle out of mouth, gives a kiss, and pops bottle back in.

Libby did this 3 times ... I guess making sure that no one was left out of a kiss and that she wasn't upstaged by her sister! Who knew that sibling rivalry started so soon?!

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Jules said...

they are funny girls!
your hair was rockin it btw! looks so sassy for your run! ;)