Friday, June 19, 2009

So by now ...

It was Friday and I've been on bed rest only since Tuesday, but at home since Thursday afternoon. I was determined that I could still work from home (and had a Doctor's note to prove it), but when I called to talk to my company I was told that my FMLA was started on Wednesday.

I found this totally unfair since I had no say in the matter whatsoever and honestly, I was apprehensive about having to start my twelve weeks of FMLA. All I could think about was what if my babies aren't born for four more, six more, seven more weeks and I have to go back to work in such a short amount of time after they are here? When I posed my questions, there was no clear answer, so I just had to believe that everything would somehow work out.

I had a nice talk with the 2nd in command at my (former) company and I quickly realized that nothing I did or said was going to change anything. I may or may have not said "f*** it" after I got off the phone and laid back down on the sofa to watch some rerun on Bravo.

On Friday night, I was sore from staying in one position, so Hubby brought home a heating pad which really did offer some relief. I also took a bath because the thought of standing in a shower was a little overwhelming. My belly felt so heavy and it's easy to imagine that a teeny little baby could just slip outta there.

I started having some pretty regular contractions for a while on Friday evening. I called the nurse and I monitored them like she suggested, but they subsided before they got too regular. I had also been switched to a new medicine to stop the contractions that hopefully would help me from feeling like a racehorse.

I was hoping for some sleep that night and also asked Hubby to sleep in the bed. I realize that this sounds strange, but I had become so uncomfortable sleeping in the past few weeks, I knew that I wasn't a fun bed partner. I also had to get up to got to the bathroom several times a night, plus I was sleeping with two pillows under my head, and two to three under legs, propping up the belly, etc. so there wasn't really any room for him. I personally think he was more comfortable by himself anyway!

So I was off to bed with prayers for safe babies to stay put!


Mrs.Preppy said...

I love reading the snippets on the days leading up to their birth.

Miche said...

This is fun!

The soreness of being on bedrest was something I had no anticipated and it's painful :(

So when is the next installment due? I'm bored.