Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm 6 weeks into my Labor Day half-marathon training plan and I'm already down one toenail. I think it's probably from the half-marathon I ran back in May, but it fell off yesterday leaving me with a very funny looking pedicure.

It feels really good to be back into running on a regular basis. I typically run with a group of girls at 5:45 AM two days a week, and then I do a long run with the entire group on the weekends.

Our 5:45 AM group has been dubbed "the crazy girls" and it's very fitting. I think nearly all of us are married, kids, working, but all dedicated to running and motivating one another. It's nice to have the time to chat with the other girls about the important things (like 1st birthday party planning, in-laws, future runs) and the not-so-important things (local running gossip, Target sales on C9 running gear, and what's for dinner). Plus, it is huge for me to be held accountable and know that I better get my ass out of bed and make it there.

For once, I may actually keep on running after I finish my next event!


Marissa said...

I am on a running break due to IT Band pain but I have lost many toe nails!

Emily said...

Yeah for the crazy girls!! I just said to someone today how nice it was to have met a great group of women that I will be able to call (facebook) after this event to say "Anyone up for a run tomorrow?" and surely someone will say yes!

See ya tomorrow!

p.s. and sorry about the toe nail. ick.

Anonymous said...

At the Nashville marathon, I saw a t-shirt that read..."Toe nails are overrated". You need that shirt!!


Lani said...

That is awesome that you have a group like that- wish I did!