Thursday, June 11, 2009

On my mind

Nothing life changing going on up there today, but just thinking about the following ...

1. Anyone know where to get inexpensive helium balloons? Party City or are they a rip-off? I'm a little specific on my colors so they can coordinate for the birthday celebration, so I guess more specifically, pink & green helium filled balloons?

2. We're expecting around 35'ish people for the birthday. (I know, I know ... but most are family, so we can't do any guest list cutting). How many cupcakes do I need? 50? We'll have ice cream too, but I'm wondering if most people will eat more than one. I know I sometimes would, but that may just be me and my love of baked goods.

3. Did I tell you about the Lilly skirt I found at a consignment shop? Everything was 15% off that day, so I walked away with a very gently used skirt for under $30. I haven't shopped for myself much lately, so it's nice to have something that didn't come from Old Navy and didn't cost $150.

4. I've found a classic alternative music station on cable that I have really enjoyed listening to while I work. No videos, but just the songs. Every day, I can usually listen to some Janes Addiction, The Smiths, New Order, The The, The Pixies, etc. So good.

5. I'm really wondering why Libby is protesting diaper changes lately. It's gotten really bad ... crying, rolling over and crawling away, and fighting me like nobody's business. I've tried toys, giving her something to hold, talking/signing/etc, but it just seems like it is one big battle. Make that several big battles, because this happens several times a day. It really makes me want to say "Alrighty then. We'll just leave that big ol' poopy diaper on you and see how that feels."


Emily said...

Hey Susan! It was so fun running with you today! I would say that yes, Party City is your best bet. But if you don't want to go there..doesn't If It's Paper have balloons? I love that store..

See you Saturday!

Heidi said...

Ok, from someone that just had a 1st bday party...

-I would make 40 cupcakes. Seriously! Ours were to die for however all adults just don't eat cupcakes. I had to take our extras to work and all my employees scarfed them.

-We have Party City in St. Louis and I consider it the most economical place to buy helium balloons.

Congrats on making it a year! What great memories and more to come! Have a great party!

Jules said...

Party City charges .80 cents for the balloon and that includes helium. Not a bad deal.

I would say no more than 50 cupcakes. You should be fine w/ that.

LUCKY DUCK on the Lilly Skirt!

Barefoot in the Park said...

oh do i miss if its paper! the closest one to me now is the GBO!

i've always had luck with party city!

mamaloves said...

I can relate to the diaper change battles. I'm not sure what the solution is. I have tired toys, songs and funny sounds to no avail. Take some comfort in the fact that it's not just your baby. Funny how two sisters can be so different yet so alike.

Muriel Taylor said...

Hey! I would try your local grocery store. At least where I live they are cheaper and more convenient to get to than Party City...and you can call and tell them how many and what color and they are ready when you arrive! Good luck!