Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's hard to believe ...

One year ago, I was 32 weeks pregnant and on my way to a Non Stress Test (NST) at the hospital, followed up by a weekly appointment at my OB's office.  

The appointments were first thing in the morning, so Hubby and I drove separately so we could go to work after they were finished.  Hubby was great - he went to the majority of the appointments, especially ones where we were going to have an ultrasound.

The NST went well - they could see both babies and the heartbeats were good and strong.  Baby B was still breech.  After that, we headed over to my OB appointment.

I was excited to have made it to the 32, almost 33 week mark and I was excited to go to my prenatal yoga class that night.  I had a meeting at work, so I was a bit anxious to finish up and head to my office so I could be there in time for the meeting.

I had just started my weekly appointments the week prior, and I was also rotating with different doctors.  We had a new one for us & she was extremely nice.  Dr. A asked me if I had a pelvic exam last week and I said, "Yes.  Everything's fine."  You kind of want to say, "Yep, still closed up tight ... just like a vault." but it's just not appropriate.  Anyway, she examined me and determined that I was 2cm dilated.  Whaaat?  She told us she was going to go look at my chart or some nonsense.  I'm sure my chart was lying on the table in the room and this is when she calls over to the hospital and tell them that she's admitting someone.

So, she comes back in the exam room and her face says it all ... we're heading to the hospital. She told us to go home, pack a bag, grab some lunch, and head over.  I swung by work to tell them what was going on and we went home, called someone to check on the dogs, packed a bag, and nervously ate lunch, and headed to the hospital.

The whole time, you're just kind of wondering what's going to happen ... will I be on bed rest for the duration?  Am I going into labor?  Is everything OK?

I settled in, got hooked up to monitors to monitor the babies and me, started meds to stop contractions (yep, those Braxton Hicks were the real-deal), and received a steroid injection to help lung development.

Looking back, I really thought that I would just be on bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy.  Little did I know that two little babies had other plans for me.


Seersucker Scrapper said...

Happy birthday to your little ones! I did do 5 weeks of hospital bedrest and my son just made it to 33 weeks, so I know what you went through. Just think about how far they have come.

Hope they have a Happy Birthday!!

Jules said...

i can't wait for the rest of the story! ;)

Is the bday TODAY officially?

Heidi said...

Way to leave us hangin'!!! :>)

Can't wait to hear more!